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Cage of automobile gear oil should be replaced in a timely manner should be caused take seriously
The problem of the car is 1 block away from the urban road, the accident is not good to pick off the block. The car has been 1 years and a half, running 1.2W axiom.
For the first time to 4S, master to change gear oil, said enclosure if it is not likely, is the fault of the gearbox, the next day found car cold start, 1 block on the city streets will still be occasional bad pick block, hence again to 4S, and a master tried the commissioning sub, no problems during the commissioning, he said look at the enclosure, if you still have questions, first consider the replacement block line, machine and gearbox the possibility is very small.
Come back after running nearly 100 kilometers, the city a little more, found the 1 block back to normal, so the master of 4S said the reason, the normal use of the machine is unlikely to be a problem, it should be because there is no reason for the replacement of gear oil.
Just after the oil there is still a problem, may is the new oil is not fully penetrate the transmission device, the old oil replacement, indicating that new change transmission oil is also a need for simple running.
Remind you, must be timely replacement of gear oil. After this thing, I think that 1 years 1W km should replace the gear oil. Don't wait for the car to have a difficult shift.
My car oil, gear oil flow out seems to be golden yellow, almost opaque, point like gold powder paint colors, but shallow point, indicating that the oil in a large number of metal chips. New oil is pale yellow, clear and transparent.

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