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Kaiji summer automobile air-conditioning maintenance techniques and application of the auto parts
Air conditioning outlet direction is not free to adjust
Some owners in the use of air conditioning, do not pay attention to adjust the direction of air conditioning, which is not conducive to play the best effect of air conditioning. According to the principle of cold air sinking, hot air rises, the correct approach should be, when the air conditioner will be out of the outlet, when the heating will be out of the outlet down.
Winter should be regularly launched an air conditioning
Some parts of the winter is warm, some owners do not use air conditioning throughout the winter. 4S shop master pointed out that long time without air conditioning will lead to the aging of its rubber ring, air conditioning internal components on the lubricating oil will also dry, a regular starting air conditioning can allow the parts to accept the lubrication oil lubrication, maintenance of good condition, so the air conditioning is also best to start a week.
It is not suitable for long time to use air conditioning time
Some owners often in the car is always open air, long time use of air conditioning can make the condenser pressure is too large, it will cause loss of refrigeration system, so each use air conditioning time shoulds not be too long, if the temperature inside the car has reached a comfortable temperature, you can turn off the air conditioning, every once in a while to reopen.
The summer driving before ventilation cooling, open loop
In the hot summer, many owners are accustomed to a car to open the internal circulation of air conditioning, that this can let the temperature inside the car down a little faster. Because the car's temperature is higher than the outside of the car, so it is not good to do so. Just into the car, you should open the window ventilation, and open the outer loop, the heat is discharged out. After the temperature inside the car, and then change into internal circulation.
Not long time use air conditioning cycle
Because the inner loop is the air within the vehicle within the closed cycle of space, the oxygen content in the car will continue to decline, and if the cylinder in the gasoline combustion is not complete, the engine does not burn the carbon monoxide may leak into the compartment, so the air quality will become worse and worse, even to the human body. It should be open for a while loop, open a cycle, let fresh air into the car. Can not open the inner loop in the car to sleep, but also the truth.
When you stop to develop a good habit of turning off the air conditioning
Some owners often after the extinction of the switch to turn off the air conditioning, Li Jingxiang pointed out that this is harmful to the engine, because the next time when the vehicle starts, the engine will take air conditioning load start, such a high load will damage the engine. So every time after stopping the air conditioning and then turn off, but also should be in the vehicle starting two or three minutes, the engine is lubricated, and then open the air conditioning.

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