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Cattle auto parts "play" Internet auto parts industry, led line
Auto industry, the continuous growth of car ownership to stimulate the size of the car market, high growth. Through the mobile Internet to provide online services to the automotive service companies to provide a one-stop service for mobile Internet business platform has obvious advantages. In business momentum more and more apparent the moment, many auto parts enterprises are actively "electric shock", the traditional passive management mode fought in the active marketing new business. According to incomplete statistics, since August 2014, more than ten business models and a certain size of the O2O companies have access to an angel or A round of financing.
But the business of auto parts enterprises is still in early development, different business models, although has the different operation modes, but avoid not have to actually solve the problems exist in the market. "From contact with the owners of the garage had to face the embarrassment of a passive management, price, opaque, asymmetric information, the quality is no guarantee, the service standard are little pain. Secondly, accessories manufacturers face more and more serious unfair competition, supply chain is too long, the geographical limitations and other issues, resulting in 'good goods is not good to buy' situation. These are the key to solving the problem." Hangzhou speed dating Technology Co., Ltd. CEO said: "to solve these problems need accessories industry of the whole supply chain to make the transition, and this is our mission as Internet auto parts enterprises." It is reported that as auto Internet business new show - speed dating technology, pre in the market although still no a certain influence on the market, but the "grounded" mode of operation attracted many of the industry have the intention to negotiate accessories manufacturers and auto repair factory.
Speed dating technology's auto parts procurement app cattle auto parts, follow the variation sales should start from the origin, development of a new online brand, from the products, logistics and overall positioning planning, each piece to that starting from the market demand. By with 20 years of traditional auto people participate in the entire process of product research and development, and lead the market development, covering 13 cities, nearly 1000 auto repair factory of the precipitation data, the market entry of precision and speed are very alarming.
Can such a ground gas product development, the development of the market rather than the auto parts market throughout the Internet, mostly by burning to create brand marketing strategy to seize the market and the product itself exist serious problem of homogenization.

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